Late Repayment History Indicators (RHI)

Your Credit report may also have information about your payment history for your credit cards and other loans (e.g., personal loans and home loans) – that is, whether you’ve made your minimum payments on time. This is very important information as it tells the new credit provider how you’ve conducted those accounts, which gives them an indication of how you’re likely to repay the new debt and any future potential conduct issues that might arise with them. This is a record of all your past loan payments, particularly whether the minimum loan payments were made on time. Negative accounts will show any loan payments that are missed. RHI Is listed on your credit report for 24 months.

We Fix Credit can assist you with the removal of your Late Repayment History in cases where you have communicated your financial situation with your Credit Provider. If you are in a Financial Hardship Arrangement or negotiate a loan variation with your credit provider your Financial Hardship Information (FHI) will be recorded on your credit file for a period of 12 months ( effective from July 2022 ) in addition to your normal Repayment history indicators ( RHI ) For more information about how this affects your credit score and your individual report speak with We Fix Credit today for all of your credit fix solutions and credit repair needs.

Credit Reporting Bureaus

We repair credit reports and credit scores with the following credit reporting bureaus.

The benefits of protecting your Credit File for your future include:


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