Identity Theft

If you have been notified by a company that personal information they hold on you has been the victim of a data breach it is a good idea to check your credit report and you may consider setting up credit alerts and identity monitoring through a credit report subscription. This means that if someone tries to apply for credit in your name you will be alerted and you know what’s happening with your report .

You could also put a ban on your credit report with the credit agency to help prevent fraudulent accounts being opened in your name. Whilst a ban is in force, credit providers cannot view your credit report without your specific written permission.

Until now, a consumer had to individually contact and notify all Credit Rating Bureaus to put in a ban period on credit applications. With the new amendments to credit reporting law, when requested, they are obliged to notify others of a consumer’s ban period request. This change makes it easier for people to prevent identity and credit fraud.

Credit Reporting Bureaus

We repair credit reports and credit scores with the following credit reporting bureaus.

The benefits of protecting your Credit File for your future include:


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