Debt Negotiation

We can definitely save you money with our professional and efficient debt negotiation services. Overall its worth using a professional independent party like We Fix Credit to negotiate your debt.

Debt negotiation is a negotiation between a debtor and creditor (or creditors) to settle a debt on terms which are beneficial to both parties. Sometimes a creditor may be willing to accept a lower amount than the actual debt figure if they receive the amount as a lump sum.

The percentage of a debt We Fix Credit will typically negotiate in a settlement is 30% to 80%. This percentage fluctuates due to several factors, including your financial situation and cash on hand, the age of the debt, and the creditor in question.

One common credit scoring myth is that once an account is closed, it won’t impact your credit scores. That’s not necessarily the case. If you paid off your loan and the account was in good repayment history, meaning you always made your payments on time, then the positive account history could continue to positively impact your scores.

On the other hand, if you missed payments before you paid off the loan, those previously missed payments can continue to hurt your credit scores. Regardless of the account’s payment history, it will continue to contribute to your mix of accounts, overall number of accounts and the content of your credit file and the age of your credit history. These can all be positive factors, it really depends on many different variables. Talk to a We Fix Credit consultant about what options may be available to you.

Credit Reporting Bureaus

We repair credit reports and credit scores with the following credit reporting bureaus.

The benefits of protecting your Credit File for your future include:


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