The Background

This client was a busy property developer and the non-payment of council rates was an oversight due to his very busy workload. The client did receive a summons with regard to the unpaid rates and upon receipt immediately paid the outstanding amount. The client freely admits that he was liable for the debt and even though being busy at work is no excuse for non-payment he admits the matter just slipped his mind. In today’s busy world I am sure we can all relate to this.

As a property developer, the ability to secure finance is an imperative requirement for the sustainability of his business and the listed court action on his credit file, even though it was listed as paid was proving to be a real problem when trying to secure finance.

The Solution

The team at We Fix Credit were able to have Court judgment completely removed from the client’s credit file in just two weeks. Since this removal, the client has been able to secure funding and move forward with his business.