Experiencing Financial Difficulty

It’s never too late to address your financial situation if you act NOW!!

“I am smothered in debt, I am at my wit’s end!”

“Everytime I pay off one debt, I am hit with another bill, I can’t do this anymore!”

“I don’t want to lose my kids!”

“I can’t keep my head above water anymore I don’t know what to do!”

“I have no one to help me, I am on my own (or I have failed my family), sometimes I think it would just be easier to end it!”

These are just some of the comments we hear from people, when they first contact us at We Fix Credit. Their financial obligations just feel overpowering. These debts range from credit card debt, personal loan repayments, all the way up to home loans, business loans and the list seems endless.

Invariably, no one starts out to become debt laden and no one has a crystal ball to foresee what could happen in the future, as a result of change in circumstances, whether by “force majeure” or the actions of other people, divorce, business failures, fraudulent behaviour by a third party etc.

The feeling of being so far into debt can be crippling and can lead to a range of other problems in a person’s life including increased stress, relationship breakdowns (divorce & family break-ups), domestic violence, uncharacteristic behaviour, fear of being a burden on family & friends, health issues and a constant state of worry. Worse still, some people become so affected that they consider the ultimate price, which we see too many news articles about and are so unnecessary.

STOP!! Being in debt is not a crime!

There are solutions available to fix these issues and remove the stress and resolve the problems so that you are able turn your life around and get back on track.

We have got and understand that your pride and personal reputation is at risk. We have complete empathy in the way you feel and we are here to support you.

We Fix Credit maybe able to assist you to turn everything around in an orderly manner. Once we have reviewed your circumstances we can then explore a range of options that are available to you to allow you take the first steps to financially free yourself from the position you find yourself in.

We understand completely and acknowledge it is a very sensitive topic and we respect your courage to come forward and ask for assistance.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call We Fix Credit on 1300 003 655 or click here and send us a confidential on-line enquiry and we will come back to you as quickly as we can. You are under absolutely no obligation and we are good listeners.

We understand that Debt matters are a very personal thing and therefore we would prefer to speak with you initially so we can understand your situation and get some options on the table for you as soon as possible to consider and give you some peace of mind that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.