Business Credit History

Is your business being refused finance, it may be due to adverse credit history!

We can help your business remove any credit infringements so that your business can get the loan facility it requires, approved.

Our experienced representatives will assist you to obtain a copy of your Business/Company credit report, advise you of any adverse information and work with you to create a strategic plan to repair your business/company’s credit history.

We also offer additional services to negotiate appropriate arrangements for company creditors, including re-negotiating the terms of current contracts or arrangements and other financial arrangements that need attention.

Need help with your business credit

The majority of businesses are not offered the same protections that consumers are guaranteed under the National Consumer Protection Act (NCCP) in respect of credit facilities or the Privacy Act. Whilst a number of the lenders do adopt the same provisions under the NCCP for businesses usually due too procedural and convenience requirements, many other lenders already have appropriate non-NCCP systems in place and will act accordingly. This simply means that a business/company does not have the same “safety mechanisms” available as does a consumer.

Our experienced personnel will assist you to navigate around these areas expeditiously and efficiently to obtain a favourable resolution.

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We Fix Credit can help you