A 6Q Notice must be issued if the credit provider intends to disclose information about a default to a Credit Reporting Bureau as part of their debt collection process. They must issue a new 6Q Notice where a full balance is due and payable if the previously issued notice was only for an arrears balance.

The next step before a default can be listed in the debt recovery process is to issue a Section 21D Notice. Unlike a 6Q Notice, a 21D Notice cannot be incorporated into another notice, and must be issued on its own. It is a notice that states the credit provider intends to disclose default information to a credit reporting body. The amounts stated in a 21D Notice must be over 60 days in arrears.

14 days after issuing a 21D Notice the Credit Provider can report the defaults stated in the notice to a Credit Reporting Bureau. If they have not reported the default after 3 months, they must issue another 21D Notice to report these defaults.