The Background

Upon investigation, it became clear that our client had been the victim of identity theft as she had never opened or authorized the account in question. This situation was further complicated by the fact the company secretary had been paying funds towards this account not knowing the account itself was fraudulent (the company secretary had been instructed to pay the accounts as they became due). The issue was not picked up until our client was reviewing the accounts and noted the payments were for petrol cards as opposed to toll passes. Upon becoming aware of this she contacted the police immediately and reported the issue. Naturally until this situation could be rectified payments to the company were stopped, as a result, the company listed a default on our client’s credit report.

The Solution

This matter was quite complex and took some time to investigate however after much effort we were able to resolve the issue and had the default removed from our client’s credit report. Our client was then able to secure finance and has been able to put this unfortunate experience behind her.