This was of particular importance as unless this issue could be resolved he stood to lose the substantial deposit he had paid to purchase the property.

The Background

This client was a taxi driver and unfortunately was involved in an accident where he was the driver. As a result of this accident legal action commenced and the taxi management company was sued, the matter was then handled by the insurance company. It was proven that our client was not liable for the accident however a court action was listed on our client’s credit file. As a result, obtaining finance was proving impossible. Not only was the home loan declined but various credit card applications were also refused.

The Solution

Upon contacting We Fix Credit we immediately put the wheels into motion to rectify this situation.  Due to certain issues with the legal action we were not able to follow our preferred method to have this nature of listing rectified however due to our extensive knowledge in this area we were successful in having the Court Action permanently removed from our client’s credit file. The client was then able to secure finance for the purchase and is happily living in his new home.