The Background

Due to medical issues as a result of childbirth, this client was not able to return to work for an extended period of time. Attempting to do the right thing she contacted the credit card company to let them know about her current position and to arrange a payment plan but unfortunately, she ended up talking with an overseas call centre that turned out to be less than helpful. As things improved financially she paid the account in full however was very disappointed to learn that they had still listed a default on her credit report. She was advised by the credit card company that the default listing would be updated to show the account as paid. It was only when she applied for a home loan two years later that she learned that this had not been done and the very presence of the default was sufficient for her loan application to be rejected.

The Solution

After contacting We Fix Credit it was determined that the client had a contestable case. Extensive talks with the credit card company resulted in having the default listing removed permanently from the applicant’s credit file. We are happy to say that directly following the removal of the default the client reapplied for her home loan and was approved.