The Background

The client had visited a telecommunications outlet to purchase a new mobile phone. As our client was a tow truck driver he was particularly interested in a phone that offered a GPS function. He was shown a phone that had the functions he required and signed the necessary paperwork. Given his industry, he was using the GPS extensively each day with no idea he was being charged for usage. You can imagine his surprise when his first bill showed an amount of $38,000.00 owing. Our client was unable to pay this amount which resulted in default & Judgment being listed.

Our Solution

After hearing the client’s story we were happy to help. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the contract did not disclose the details of the additional costs adequately and the person that sold the phone did not mention these costs to our client. We were able to successfully negotiate the outstanding amount and arranged to have the default removed from our client’s credit file.

We Fix Credit was given air time on the television show, A Current Affair, regarding this story.