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A credit file is information held by various Credit Reporting Bureaus (CRB’s) about an individual or organization that is relevant to a credit provider or trade supplier in determining if that individual or organization is credit worthy. Not every person has a credit file. If you have not applied for finance in the last 5 Years you are more likely than not to have one. You will more than likely also have a credit file if you have applied for services such as telephone, gas or electricity, although some Utility companies don’t bother with a credit search if you are an existing customer and are just changing locations.
• 10 Years External Administration & Previous Directorships.
• 5 Years Bankruptcy, Part 9 Debt Agreements
• 7 Years Clear- out (Serious credit infringement).
• 5 Years Payment Defaults, Court Judgments & Credit Enquiries.
• 4 Years Court Writs & Summons.
The Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth), provides that everybody is entitled to a copy of their credit file for free and the CRB’s must supply these free at least once per year, unless you have been refused credit based on an infringement recorded on your file with that CRB within that twelve months, they must supply the report again. There are three main CRB’s in Australia. It must be noted that each of these companies rarely hold exactly the same information of your personal information, and information held by one CRB can vary significantly from the other/s.
It should be noted that these companies charge a small fee should the report be required immediately or for free if you can wait (10) working days. We do not order a credit report on your behalf as we do not wish to list an enquiry on your credit report, as such enquiry will impact on your Credit Score.

Listed below are the contact web-links for the three Credit Reporting Bureaus;

· Equifax (formerly known as Veda Advantage). www.mycreditfile.com.au
· Dunn & Bradstreet. www.dnb.com.au
· Experian www.experian.com.au/credit-services/credit-reports/order-credit-report.html

Only disputable, incorrect or inaccurate listings or enquiries may be disputed, therefore improving your credit file and your credit score. Please note any listings which relate to bankruptcy are not removable, unless you have annulled the Bankruptcy under a Section 153a or Section 73a of the Bankruptcy Act. This does not apply to a Part IX or Part X Deed of Agreement or Arrangement. Need to know more please contact us for obligation free information.
Each case is different. However, we aim to improve your credit file within thirty (30) days. In most cases this is achievable and in some cases in as little as fourteen (14) days. However, we stress that once we have completed the necessary arrangements, we are then in the hands of the relevant CRB’s, Courts and Legal processes (and not necessarily in that order). It is not uncommon for the CRB’s to come back and request an extension of time because they are not able to meet the 30-day deadline given under the Privacy Act!
Yes, you can. However, firms like We Fix Credit specialise in this complex field, and as such may achieve results for you in a quicker more time efficient manner. In addition, due the large number of Credit repair negotiations that the company carries out, the Company’s Advocates have developed a good working relationship with many of the various Credit Providers and Utility companies which facilitates in a positive result. Further, unless you are completely familiar with the main pieces of legislation and Law that govern this area, you could/will spend an inordinate amount of time researching, retrieving and then making representations, even then, we have seen results that has caused the DIY customers to come back to us to have us assist them to resolve the issue that has developed. We find that in 98% of cases, busy professionals find it far more cost effective to engage us to resolve their situation, so they can spend their time more productively and profitably. In business cases our fees are tax deductible.
A Credit Infringement (normally shown as an Overdue Payment) listed by a Credit Reporting Bureau is an ALLEGATION that money is owed by you to the CRB Member who has posted the entry. It is NOT an enforceable debt at law by the alleged creditor. If you dispute the allegation you will need to file a complaint with the alleged creditor, the CRB and the Financial Ombudsman. If your complaint is valid, the alleged creditor must withdraw their claim, the CRB must remove the Credit Infringement from your file. However, should the Creditor issue proceedings in Court to recover the alleged debt, and should the Court grant Judgement against you (because you could not prove you did not owe the monies or did not defend the allegation/s) in favour of the Creditor, then the debt is no longer an allegation and becomes an enforceable debt at law. A Court Judgement has a life of twelve years unless it has been satisfied or set aside prior to this time. The Judgement Creditor has a number of options at their disposal to collect the outstanding monies owed under the Judgement, including garnishee orders, seizure of your property by the Sheriff/Bailiff and sold at Auction, or if the amount of the Judgement exceeds $5,000.00 the Judgement Creditor can issue bankruptcy proceedings against you.
There are three (3) main CRB’s. They are

• Equifax (formerly known as Veda Advantage). www.mycreditfile.com.au
• Dunn & Bradstreet. www.dnb.com.au
• Experian http://www.experian.com.au/credit-services/credit-reports/order-credit-report.html
There are number of other business based/commercial CRB’s in industry specific areas for trade references, however the three above deal with 98% of the Consumer Credit and Business market which requires finance facilities.

Cheaper than you think. We do not charge for the initial assessment of your credit file/s review report and we charge all of our fees on a" success" basis only. We do however ask for a commitment fee after you have instructed us to open your file and to cover the initial costs for initiating and investigating your current position. This is a once of only fee irrespective how many defaults/infringements we have been tasked to deal with on your behalf.
Speak with us today about how we can improve your life by restoring your credit worthiness.
In some cases, no. Some credit repair or credit restoration companies offer credit repair services without having formal qualifications or specific knowledge training in this complex field. Our team of specialist professionals are highly trained, which gives you the best chance of achieving a clean credit file. We Fix Credit is the oldest established industry specific Credit Repair and Credit Score Advocacy in Australia having been established in 2005. The company’s senior Advocates have in excess 50 years’ experience in the Finance Industry between them.
• Defaults
• Judgments
• Cross references
• Bankruptcy's & Part 9 Debt Agreements
• Credit enquiries
• Payment History (under the new Positive Credit Reporting arrangement)
• Previous Company Directorships
• Current Company Directorships
• Serious credit infringements (Clear-outs).
• Borrowing money at a competitive rate of interest.
• Being able to open trade accounts.
• Having your credit report reflect your true credit position.
• Improving your Credit Score
• Not having to apply for bad credit or non-conforming loans.
• Not having to explain infringements/defaults or judgments that appear on your credit report.
No. We would love to be able to cast that magic wand. Whilst our %’s of removal rates is very high, and some of the highest in the industry, there will always be the occasional Credit Infringement that we are unable to remove. These can be for a multitude of reasons including, failure to disclose to us vital information which impacts on our negotiations, failure to honour a settlement agreement made with the creditor in question, refusal by the Creditor in question, particularly where under the legislation they do not have to do so etc. We don’t charge you to assess your personal Credit File position. This is a free service. Upon review, if we genuinely don’t believe that we can negotiate the removal of a Credit Infringement, we will tell you and the reasons why! Our reputation and integrity is far more important to us than to mislead a customer. However, based upon the information we have provided you, if you still wish to engage We Fix Credit to attempt to remove the Infringement/s we are happy to have you engage us to attempt to do so, or put in place procedures to assist in the removal of the infringement at a future date.
NO-MOST DEFINITELY NOT! We are not solicitors/lawyers and we do not give legal advice! The nature of our industry means that we MUST understand the relevant laws surrounding the Privacy Act and Consumer Credit Code and other legislation related to our industry. To this end we are no different to an Accountant, or an Engineer or other professions who have to deal with the appropriate legislation pertaining to their industry and occupation. We do however, highly recommend obtaining advice from your preferred Legal Counsel should you have any concerns about your position and any potential impact it may have your circumstances. In some cases we will insist upon it!

However, as a percentage of our work does entail dealing with the Court system, where this occurs, we will engage one of our panel law firms and instruct them to deal with the appropriate Court matter/requirements on our client’s behalf. Where this occurs, we become your agent for you, acting under your authority and instructions. Alternatively, if you wish to use your own solicitor/lawyer should the situation require it, then you are welcome to do so!

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