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The team at WE FIX CREDIT are highly experienced and trained professionals who are able to solve most problems arising from adverse listings on a credit file. What’s more your enquiry is absolutely confidential and discreet.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific credit reporting issue. All inquires are strictly confidential and an initial assessment of your specific problem and prospects of success will be discussed and best of all our initial discussions are free to charge.



Customer satisfaction is our first priority. Whether it be a customer with an issue with their own Credit History and Credit Score position, or were a referral partner has referred their customer to We Fix Credit to address their current issues and concerns. Prompt attention, honesty, accuracy and transparency are a must. Realistic assessments of our customer’s position with suggested remedies and alternatives. Our integrity in our working relationships and ethics are a priority.


To empower consumers and companies to obtain the best loan product and connect confidently with their and brokers and banks that deserve their business at the best possible rate of interest.

We have them back on track in lightning speed.
We provide accurate reviews. We get happy clients and clients have great experiences will be happy to express who they have chosen, everybody wins and can make an informed decision.


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I was referred to We Fix Credit from a good friend. Alicia and her team successfully removed the credit default and saved me over $40,000 in the process. I am very happy with this result and would recommend We Fix Credit to anyone in a similar situation. Thank you ????
Ahmad Smadi, via Google Review
Words cannot describe how grateful I am to Alicia and the team. Thank you! I can now get on with my loan. Debt was wiped and the two defaults REMOVED! Thank you ????
Thanks to the professional team I am able to release my company car fleet.
Five stars from me. Would not hesitate to recommend to anyone with credit listings
Mahmud Khan, via Google Review
Extraordinary service. Fixed my problem in less than half the time that was initially advised. Couldn’t speak more highly of their team. Thank you.
James Kellett, via Google Review
We Fix Credit fixed my credit ????
Sarah Newton, via Facebook Review
I work in the finance industry and I have referred a number of my clients to Alicia and the team at We Fix Credit. My client’s have had a 100% success rate with rectifying credit issues that should not impact their ability to obtain finance to grow their business’ or asset bases.
Brad Bland, via Google Review
Thank you We Fix Credit for assisting another one of our clienteles. They are extremely appreciative of your professionalism and most of all, in successfully removing their issue which was causing them grief.
John Codrington, via Facebook Review
I am so happy with my end result all 6 problems removed after my divorce I’m able to get a loan now thanks team
I have been recommending my mortgage clients here for years. The results have always exceeded my expectations and time frame. I look forward to working with the we fix credit team for many years to come.
Alex Pottinger, via Google Review
Thank you We Fix Credit you have given me a great service five stars from me!
Jazz Omerbegovic, via Google Review
Very very happy with my dealings with Alicia and the team. Great results in good time as promised. I was sceptical about the whole process to begin with but once speaking with Alicia and the results started to come through i could not be happier with the outcome. Would highly recommend this company to anyone with credit issues.
Thanks again guys!
Jack Casey, via Google Review
I am a farmer badly effected by drought and had gone through a divorce that left me financially crippled. Things started getting better but not long after I realised I had 2 credit defaults and needed to refinance my property. My broker referred me to We Fix Credit. He told me he sends all of his clients there. I dealt with Amanda who successfully removed both defaults in less than 5 weeks and I am now able to refinance. Thanks so much.
Doug Henderson, via Google Review
Thank you to the team at we fix credit for removing 2 of my defaults! could not be happier with the service I received and how fast they were able to remove them! I high recommend. Thank you we fix credit :)
Sandra Wales, via Google Review
I had several defaults against my name that actually were not mine. I had no knowledge of any debts until I tried to apply for a loan and found there were several defaults on my credit file. I tried to deal with this myself for years without any success. Alicia repaired my credit file in 3 weeks after I had been dealing with it myself for 2 years. I wish I had just come to her from the start it would have saved me from so much waisted time and unnecessary stress. I highly recommend the We fix Credit Team and I honestly cant thank them enough.
Melinda Barbaro, via Google Review
Words cannot describe how grateful I am to Alicia and the team. Thank you ! I can now get on with my loan, it was all mistaken identity and I tried myself for so long and went to another credit repair company and was mucked around for 6 months before I pulled the pin and went to We Fix Credit. Wish I had gone strait to Alicia in the first place. Debt was wiped and the two defaults REMOVED! Thank you ????
Alicia fixed my default in less than 3 weeks thanks so much!
Amellea Hoget, via Google Review
Thank you to eric for fixing my credit file the process was easy and seamless. I was doubtful at first however I am now very impressed with the end result
Makeup and Beauty Australia, via Google Review
Extraordinary service. Fixed my problem in less than half the time that was initially advised. Couldn’t speak more highly of their team. Thank you.
James Kellett, via Google Review
Dear Alicia at We Fix Credit,

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to my case. You have really given me back power in my life and the opportunity to help my children achieve the Australian dream and own their own home. I am forever appreciative to you for giving my family a new opportunity to start fresh and with a positive outlook to all of our futures. Debt and dealing with banks must be two of the most disheartening and stressful situations and for you to assist me (in fact I don’t think I will ever have to face another one of those phone calls again) was life changing. I appreciated your calm words, your wit and even your sense of humour.
Obviously I would be more than happy to recommend you, Alicia, and your team. Your integrity is matched by your decency and commitment. Please do not hesitate to use my name or forward my contact details to any prospective clients.
Wishing you the best in all your future endeavours and thank you again for giving me clear credit and opening up my opportunities,


Very Happy with the 2 weeks turn around ! Fast service I am very happy, was expecting the whole process to be much more painful.
Edward Morgan, via Google Review
Very Happy.
Thank you

Mark William, via Google Review
Thanks for changing my life !

Zoe Agolove, via Google Review
Couple of years ago I suffered a serious sporting injury which left me unable to work. As a result I could not pay any expenses. I defaulted on my credit card, my car was repossessed and I had to move back interstate with my parents to survive. My credit rating was terrible with 3 defaults to my credit card company, my car financier and my previous energy provider.

Once I was back working i hired We Fix Credit to help me fix my bad credit. Their staff were kind and understanding to my position and they managed to completely clear my credit history within 5 weeks. They even negotiated a 30% reduction in my debts!!

I don’t know what I would have done without Alicia and her team. They really helped me get back on my feet with a swift, professional service.

I could not recommended these guys more highly if you need help. ????

Nicholas Codrington, via Google Review
I was recommended by a friend to come and see the team at We fix Credit. They were very professional and efficient and got the result I was after. I would highly recommend Alicia and her team to anyone looking to rectify their credit situation.

Charlie Zammit, via Google Review
Thanks Alicia once again. We have been using We Fix Credit for all our clients and they always have success. We refer them to all our clients. Thanks again.
Thankyou for a great experience, and the amazing service provided by you ladies, would definitely recommend we fix credit to anyone.
Hanna Sweid, via Google Review
Amazing service provided spot on advice and fixed my issues. Would definatley recommend them.
Jannelle Pitt, via Google Review
Thanks to Alicia and Danielle I am now default free , thank you girls for all the hard work you have done.
Arijana Ahmetovic, via Google Review
Reliable team with quick service
Danielle G, via Google Review
Amazing service!
Kristen Dior, via Google Review

The benefits of protecting your Credit File for your future include: