About Us

About Us

We Fix Credit is the industry leader in repairing bad credit and removing judgments and defaults from our client credit files.

We Fix Credit is the first industry specific Credit Repair and Debt Negotiation business established in Australia. Established in 2005, the business has become one of Australia’s most successful Credit Repair Advocacy’s helping thousands of Australians restore their credit worthiness. Until We Fix Credit was established, credit repair for customers was very much a hit and miss affair usually involving expensive legal costs, where knowledge of the Privacy Act and the Consumer Credit Code and other related legislation was an area not generally well known. Our Senior Advocates are highly trained specialists, with decades of experience in the Finance industry whose knowledge is invaluable in ensuring that inappropriate credit infringements are rectified and other debt negotiation solutions have been agreed too and settled.

We have recommendations and endorsements from Mortgage aggregators and major banks and financial institutions around the country, and our competitive rates and professional service makes it an easy choice to choose We Fix Credit for your adverse credit matters.

We are the most trusted credit restoration company in Australia and New Zealand.  We have recommendations and endorsements from Mortgage aggregators and major banks and financial institutions.

Our competitive rates and professional service makes it an easy choice to choose We Fix Credit for your adverse credit matters.

We Fix Credit is a company specializing in the repair & deletion of disputable & contestable listings on the credit file of individuals and corporations.

We pride ourselves in being experts in the field of Credit Reporting. We have helped many people restore their credit file by removing listings which should not be there.

We can assist with the removal of Defaults, Judgements, Clear-outs, Cross Files, Disputed entries, and Fraudulent entries.

The implications of an adverse listing on a Credit File is severe. A loan application may be refused or an interest rate significantly above the standard rate offered in the market place may be imposed. More importantly the disruption to your ability to borrow for purchases can be crippling and cause losses and costs amounting to thousands and thousands of dollars.

The adverse listing stays on a Credit File for up to 7 Years

It is important your Credit File is an accurate and true reflection of your credit worthiness. The team at WE FIX CREDIT is here to HELP and guide you through any difficulty you may experience with your credit file.

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The team at WE FIX CREDIT are highly experienced and trained professionals able to solve most problems arising from adverse listings on a credit file. What’s more your enquiry is absolutely confidential and discreet.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific credit reporting issue. All inquiries are strictly confidential and an initial assessment of your specific problem and prospects of success will be discussed and best of all our initial discussions are free of charge.

Our Core Values

Customer satisfaction is our first priority. Whether it be a customer with an issue with their own Credit History and Credit Score position, or were a business partner has referred their customer to We Fix Credit to address their current issues and concerns. Prompt attention, honesty, accuracy and transparency are a must. Realistic assessments of our customer’s position with suggested remedies and alternatives. Our integrity in our working relationships and ethics are a priority.

Our Services Include

Our renowned coaching programs will allow you to:
  • Credit infringements/defaults Removed
  • Clear outs Removed
  • Court Judgements Removed
  • Pending Court Actions Removed
  • Mistaken/disputed entries Removed
  • Negotiate settlement of Existing Debtors (avoid court action or bankruptcy)
  • Investigate and resolve unknown credit enquiry entries on Credit Files.
  • Analyse your Credit Reports and provide assessment Summary

What Are the Benefits of Credit Repair?

Our renowned coaching programs will allow you to:
  • Gain the finance approval you need
  • Reduce your monthly repayments
  • No need to explain adverse credit history
  • Our No Win No Pay policy guarantees you have nothing to lose
  • Improve your Credit Score
  • Obtain the financial facilities required to grow your business